About us

We specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of Mezzanine Floors

With a building & construction background and 22 years experience in the general building trade, we have restructured our business to specialise in mezzanine floors only.  Mezzanine floors and any office construction on or below the mezzanine is our specialty.  We build bespoke mezzanines to fit your space and requirements, using steel, timber and solid or hollow-block concrete floors.  We use our preferred engineer, or one of your choice, to spec the design and to sign off the finished job.

We are not a shelving and racking company, who have off -the-shelf mezzanines (basically an over-sized kit-form shelf), and we do not do racking and shelving.  In spite of this, we have managed to keep the prices of our custom made mezzanine’s below the cost of that offered by the kit-form shelving & racking guys.  Give us a call and see for yourself.